ES Model: ES-ELED-686-L/4014/52/3V    ES-ELED-686-R/4014/52/3V

Brands: use for Dexp/Vox

Complete Set: 1SET=1L+1R

Length: L=R:472MM

Voltage: 3V

Original Code:

L:KDL43XS728ANT *35020366 2014-12-04 21003254 RT44T46A3TD RT44A3TD T46A3TD-5930-0002 BK430002L100 

R:KDL43XS728ANT *35020368 2014-12-04 21003255 RT44T46A3TD T46A3TD-593D-0002 BKA30002R000

Panel Sticker Number: /

TV Models: F43B8000K/43DSA350

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