ES-1194 LED TV Backlight use for 43" Lg S SC_43LK61<LGD>_5LED_SVL430A60_REV1.0_171201 LED STRIP(3)

Publish Date:2023-03-02 Visits:2975

Length: 446MM


LED Quantity: 5LEDs

Original Code:

S SC_43LK61_5LED_SVL430A60_REV1.0_171201

ES Model: ES-1194/5

Brands: use for Lg

Complete Set: 1SET=3PCS

Length: 446MM

Voltage: 6V

Original Code:S SC_43LK61_5LED_SVL430A60_REV1.0_171201

Panel Sticker Number: /

TV Models: /

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