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How to tell if the LED TV Backlight is broken

Publish Date:2022-11-22 Visits:980

Now the TVs in our homes are all replaced with LCD TVs, the screens are bigger and clearer, and the viewing experience is better. If there is a fault in the LCD TV during use, it is mostly the fault of the screen. Everyone should have encountered a broken TV light bar. The situation, then, what is the reason why the LCD TV light bar is broken? When the

backlight tube is damaged, the phenomenon is: when it is first turned on, there is an action of starting to emit light, and after a while, it goes out. After it is turned off, if you face the sun or light, you can see the image on it. The sound from the TV can also be heard normally.

Repair method for broken light bar:

1. At present, the general maintenance department does not have the technology to replace the backlight tube, so if a light is damaged, the overall brightness of the TV can be increased. Because there is a backlight panel, when the brightness is high, it can cover up the influence caused by the damage of a small part of the lamp tube. Basically, it is imperceptible, but if there are more damages, the manufacturer needs to carry out special maintenance.

2. Sometimes because the weather is cold or the machine is not turned on for a long time, the situation of step 2) may also occur. The reason is that the system will cut off the power supply of a backlight tube for self-protection because the startup speed of a certain backlight tube is slow. , so there is a black screen in a certain area. At this time, you can turn on the machine several times and it will be solved.

This is why old people always say that if you don’t watch TV, you have to burn him, which can prolong your life.

The failure of the TV screen is not only the cause of the light bar, but also the failure of the backlight board will also cause the failure of the TV screen. The specific situation can be determined according to the actual image reflected by the TV. However, it is recommended that if you encounter a TV screen failure, contact the after-sales service in time or find a professional master to overhaul it.

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