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EL backlight, CCFL backlight and LED backlight

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    As the core component of LCD TV, the performance of the backlight will not only directly affect the LCD display

In addition to the quality, the cost of the backlight also occupies LCD module 3-5% , the power consumed accounts for more of the module 75% , so to speak A very important component in the LCD module.

  At present, the backlight mainly has EL , CCFL and Three LED backlight types, according to the distribution of light sources

According to different settings, it can be divided into side-lit and direct-lit. along with LCD modules continue to be brighter, lighter and thinner

development, edge-lit CCFL backlight has become the mainstream of LCD TV backlight development.

  Electroluminescent (EL) backlight is thin and light, and provides uniform light. Its low power consumption requires

The required working voltage is 80 ~ 100Vac , the inverter that provides the working voltage can 5/12/24Vdc input

converted to AC output. but EL backlights have a limited lifetime ( at Average use at 50% brightness

service life is 3000 ~ 5000 hours, the service life will be greatly shortened at higher brightness levels ) , because

Therefore, the ideal Inverters for EL backlighting allow the output voltage and frequency to vary with Aging of EL bulbs while

increase, thereby prolonging the adoption of EL backlighting light source for the useful life of the display. 

  The service life ratio of LED backlight EL length ( more than 5000 hours ) , and using DC voltage, usually

Applied to small monochrome displays, such as telephones, remote controls, microwave ovens, air conditioners, instruments,

Stereo audio equipment, etc. LED backlight with CCFL backlight is basically the same in structure, its

The main difference in the LED is a point light source, while CCFL is a line light source.

  Use LED is the backlight of LCD TV. The main purpose is to improve the picture quality, especially the color saturation.

In terms of harmony, the display screen with LED backlight technology can obtain a wide enough color gamut to make up for the liquid crystal display device.

   Displays the defect of an insufficient number of colors to make it possible to meet or even exceed adobe RGB and NTSC color scale.

    Standard requirements can be achieved NTSC RaTIo More than 100% , of which Sony introduced LED backlit liquid

Crystal TV panels, with special emphasis on the performance of bright red and dark green, can display more realistic than previous methods


  At the same time, because The planar light source characteristics of LED make LED backlight also enables CCFL can't match.The sub-regional color and chromaticity adjustment function, so as to achieve more accurate color reproduction, to adapt to For the needs of graphic publishing and graphic design work, the dynamic adjustment of the screen can make different screens displayed, the brightness and contrast can be dynamically corrected to achieve better picture quality. 

  Currently, most LCD TVs use LED backlight, consumers can also buy more inclined Choice of LED backlight. From the actual picture, we can also see that the LED back.

    The LCD TV with the light source is lighter and thinner in body design, and more colorful in terms of picture quality and color.

    Plus energy saving. Many people in the industry predict that LCD TVs with LED backlight will be the key to the development of flat-panel TVs in the future.

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