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The difference between LED display and LED backlight

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The LED screen is definitely not a common LED backlight, and the LED display is also called an electronic display or floating characters. By LED dot matrix and LEDPC panel, text, image, animation, video and content are displayed by turning on and off the red, blue, white and green LEDs. According to different occasions, different supervision, such as general billboards, these flowing calligraphy can be produced according to the needs of flash animation, stored in the display of the memory card, and then displayed by technical methods, and can be changed at any time according to different needs. The various parts are shown in the modular structure of the device. A traditional LED display usually consists of a display module, a control system and a power supply system.

The color and luminous efficiency of LED light and the production materials and related LED light ball process are all blue at the beginning, but later together with the phosphor, different light colors are adjusted according to the different needs of users, widely used red, green, blue, Yellow 4. Due to the low working voltage of the LED, it can actively emit light and have a certain brightness, the brightness and voltage can be adjusted, and it is shock-resistant, vibration-resistant, and has a long life (100,000 hours), so there are no other display methods and LEDs in large-scale display devices. Displays match.

Red and green LED chips or lamps are made together as pixels to display so-called black and white or monochrome screens and three-color or two-color screens, red, green and blue LED chips or discharge lamps are used together as a pixel display called three-color screens or Full color screen. If there is only one color, it is called monochrome. The pixel size of indoor LED screens is generally 2-16 mm, which is often used to make LED dies of many different colors into one package. The pixel size of outdoor LED large screens is mainly 6 mm-31.5, each pixel consists of several various single-color LEDs, which means pixel tubes, and two-color pixel tubes are generally composed of two red, one green, three-color pixel tubes, one red, one green, and blue to form an ordinary product.

LED display LED screen people's life and closer cooperation Whether producing single-color, two-color or three-color screens with LEDs, the image needs to be displayed by adjusting the fineness of the grayscale levels that each LED that makes up the pixel emits brightness. The higher the level, the more delicate the grayscale image is displayed, the richer the color, and the corresponding display control system is more complicated. Generally, for images with 256-level grayscale, the color transition is very soft, while for color images with 16-level grayscale, the boundary line of color transition is very obvious. So, the demand for color LED display is doing 256-4096 gray.

Through extensive attention and rapid development of LED, this is inseparable from its own advantages. The development prospect of LED is extremely broad, and it is developing towards higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, and full color.

The LED display screen has the characteristics of environmental protection, high brightness, high definition, and high reliability. It has come out one after another, and on the stage, the LED display market just meets people's needs, but for LED display products that do not meet the requirements, low quality. With the development of LED display, LED products now have a new breakthrough. At least compared to the previous stage, improve progress. In addition, we have developed a series of products that are completely different from traditional light source applications and will be very popular. There will be greater development and broader space for LED displays. The LED display not only plays a beautifying role, it has changed the way people work more closely to make every bit of life more closely.

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