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Wire extruder knowledge and manufacturer problem solving

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  Wire extruder knowledge and manufacturer problem solving

  1.Principle of wire extruder:

  A.Cutting the rubber compound by screw rotation and flowing the rubber material from the feeding port to the head;

  B.The feeding area ofthe extruder preheats the rubber material,and the raw material is continuously conveyed forward,and the water in the material is excluded in the process;

  C.The compression zone mainly heats the raw materials pushed from the feeding zone to make the rubber compound completely gelatinized and fully kneaded,so as to enrich the rubber component;

  D.The metering area mainly mixes the raw materials of the compression zone to make the rubber compound more uniform,so as to ensure that the rubber material is pushed forward with a constant volume and pressure;

  E.The perforated plate mainly changes the flow from rotation to straight flow,and supports the filter to filter the unmelted rubber particles and impurities in the rubber compound,and at the same time increase the internal pressure to achieve the residence time of the rubber compound in the barrel.Completely melted;

  F.The stream is diverted through the machine head,and the diameter is forced out by the mold;

  2.The extruder sets different temperatures due to different materials.The following are the processing temperatures of various types of extrusion materials:

  A,PP,PE materials generally excite the temperature of each section between 150°C and 230°C;

  B,PVC core material generally excites each section of the temperature between 130°C-190°C;

  C,PVC external material is generally extruded in the temperature range between 120°C-160°C;

  D,PU materials generally excite the temperature of each section between 150°C and 220°C;

  3.When extruding the wire,how to choose the inner and outer mold?

  A,the principle of internal model selection:

  a,the internal die is determined by the total outer diameter of the copper wire or core wire(total outer diameter=number of strips×1.15×single outer diameter);

  b,the core mold is extruded with a total outer diameter of+0.1mm;

  c.The outer diameter of the outer layer of PVC is preferably 0.40.4-0.6mm(depending on the effect of the core wire collection,the inner core is smaller when the core wire is rounder,and the core wire is not round or the cotton paper is larger.Internal model);

  B.Principles for selecting external modules:

  a,PP,PE material is completed outer diameter+0.4mm,PVC material is suitable for outer diameter+0.05mm;

  b.When the outer part of the PVC is extruded,the outer mold is selected to have an outer diameter of+0.3-0.5 mm;

  Remarks:When the PVC is pressed out,the outer mold is selected to be affected by the core structure and the outer diameter is large;

  4.How to adjust the wire core?

  A.The reason is that the clamping sleeve is loose and the eccentric core is caused;

  B.The wire adjusting core is made by adjusting the outer die of the machine head,and the principle of loosening and tightening should be adopted in the adjustment;

  5.What is the purpose of the twisted wire preheating?

  A.In order to increase the adhesion between the rubber and the copper wire,the core wire anti-swaying performance is enhanced.

  6.What is the role of the spark machine?How to set up the spark machine?How should the spark machine alarm be handled?

  A.The role of the spark machine is to detect poor insulation in the production of the core wire(such as insufficient insulation thickness or exposed copper wire)

  B.The spark machine should be set at 3kv during production;

  C,the alarm should be adjusted immediately to solve the problem,and will be scrapped;

  7.What is the purpose of the filter?

  A,1,filtering unmelted rubber or impurities;

  2.Adjust the pressure of the extruder;

  B.Prevent the rubber in the screw from being scorched or hardened;the filter net usually has two,800 mesh and 100 mesh;

  8.Why can't the tension of the crane be too tight or too loose?

  A,too tight will pull the core wire,too loose will be violent and production;

  B.The tension adjustment is based on the tightness of the hand line;

  9.What is the role of extruding oil or powder?What should I pay attention to?

  A.The oil is prevented from sticking to the core wire,and the powder is prevented from sticking to the core wire;

  B,the powder is sufficient but not too much,otherwise it will cause poor appearance,which is easy to peel off with scissors;

  C.Do not use too much oil,otherwise it will cause external foaming;

  10,wire plus AL,white cotton paper,nylon rope,cotton thread purpose:

  One is to improve the anti-sway performance,and the other is to fill the wire to make the wire look smooth.

  11.What is the purpose of winding and weaving?What is the difference?

  A.The purpose is to improve the anti-interference performance and pay attention to the shielding rate problem in the process;

  B.The difference is that the shielding effect is different;

  12.How to distinguish PP material,general PVC and fireproof PVC 105°C(same as SR PVC)in production?

  A,through the burning experiment(PVC 105°C burning within a few seconds of burning,PP material and general PVC continue to burn)

  B.After burning,there is black residue for general PVC,no residue after burning is PP,and PP is blister when burning,generally PVC does not.

  13.What are the reasons for the wire granulation?What should I do?

  Reason:A,the temperature is too low,the gelation is poor;

  B,the temperature is too high gelatinization;

  C.There is material or filter rupture at the filter;

  D,good raw materials;

  Treatment:A,appropriate heating;

  B.Increase the number of filters;

  C.Appropriate cooling and clearing machine treatment;

  D.Replace the filter;

  F.If the shrinkage treatment is still defective,it can be judged as a defective raw material.

  14.What are the reasons for the unevenness of the wire?How to deal with it?

  PVC wire reasons:A,the use of the assembly or winding core wire is not smooth;

  B,the use of the core wire is not smooth;

  Treatment method:A,1,reduce the outer mold or retreat the inner mold;

  2.Use a pressurized outer mold;

  B.The inner mold is pushed forward to make a semi-casing type;

  15.What are the causes of wire roughness?How to deal with it?

  Core wire:A,PP material color master;

  B,the temperature is too low;

  C,the outer mold is too large;

  Treatment:A,according to the conventional color master;


  C.Use according to regulations;

  Outside:A,the temperature is too low;

  B,the outer mold is too large;

  C,after the internal mold;

  Treatment:A,heating is based on the temperature of the nose and eye mold;

  B.Reduce the outer mold;

  C,the inner model is pushed forward;

  16.What happens to the outside being lit up?

  Reason:A,the temperature is too high,especially the eye mold temperature;

  B,the inner mold is too front,it is easy to produce dead teeth;

  C,the machine has too much dead material;

  Treatment:A,appropriate cooling(according to the actual situation,first from the first section temperature and eye mold temperature);

  B,the inner mold is slightly backward;

  C,cleaning the machine head;

  17.What is the reason for the appearance of the wire?What should I do?

  Reason:A,the inner mold is too front,and the rubber particles block the die hole;

  B.The filter is broken or the impurities block the die hole;

  C,the mold is broken;

  Treatment method:A,the inner mold retreats and rotates it multiple times;

  B.Clean the mold or replace the mold.

  18.What is the cause of uneven lighting and fog?What should I do?

  Reason:A,the sink cooling water is insufficient;

  B,eye mold temperature control is unstable;

  C,the change in the temperature of the extrusion;

  D.Different changes in the batch number of the raw materials;

  E,caused by batch production;

  Treatment:A,keep the water level of the sink(especially the first section of the sink)

  B.Stabilize it by mechanical repair or blowing;

  C.Try to keep the machine temperature consistent or the temperature adjustment after acceleration;

  D.Adjust the temperature control to keep the bright matte surface consistent;

  E.The light haze of the first production and the previous batch production shall prevail;

  19.The first piece of inspection is essential.When should it be done?Explain the specific content of the first piece.

  The first inspection is the first product inspection of the start-up,so the first inspection should be carried out every time the specifications are changed or refilled to ensure the quality of the subsequent products;

  The specific content of the first test is as follows:

  Core wire extrusion:a,copper wire specification confirmation(number of pieces and single specification);

  b,the outer diameter of the core wire is confirmed;

  c,the type of colloidal particles is confirmed(no mottle);

  d,eccentricity confirmation;

  e,appearance confirmation;

  External extruding:a,inner layer specification or core wire specification confirmation;

  b,eccentricity confirmation;

  c,outer diameter confirmation;

  d,appearance confirmation;

  e,peeling experiment;

  f,bright fog confirmation;

  g,raw material color confirmation

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