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What is the cause of the cracking of the LED lamp PC lampshade?

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  The lampshade is mainly used for LED fluorescent lamps,and various problems occur in the daily use process,especially the crack phenomenon,which makes many friends in the LED industry very confused.

  Below,we analyze the reasons for the cracking of the PC lampshade and find out how to choose a good PC lampshade.Why does the PC lampshade crack?The main reason is that the structure of the PC molecular chain is destroyed,and the molecular chain is broken,resulting in cracking of the product or cracking on the surface.There are several factors that affect the structure of the molecular chain:

  1,repeated use.When used repeatedly,the product will undergo fission under the constant high temperature.The molecular chain will break and crack.From a high molecular substance to a low molecular substance,the material becomes brittle.

  2,the stress is too large,divided into two.First of all,the shape of the product itself and the size of the mold itself and the stress generated by demolding.Second,the stress that the outside world gives to the product.If the stress is too large,the molecules will break.

  3.Environmental factors.Acid-alkaline environment,strong ultraviolet rays,high and low temperature effects,so in the process of use,pay special attention to the environmental impact.

  We know the reason,we can prescribe the right medicine:

  1.Repeated use is the most common problem.In order to save costs,many bosses use recycled materials and scraps to shoddy,smash customers,and disrupt the market.However,when problems occur in products,the ultimate damage is themselves.Only by improving the level of its own products is the way out,that is,using new materials and earning money.

  2.Excessive stress is a problem of design and use.The physical properties of the product should be told to the injection molding plant and the customer so that they can follow the design of the mold,the injection molding product,and the use of the PC lamp cover,thereby reducing the risk of excessive stress.

  3.Environmental factors are communication problems and are very easy to avoid.Understand the environment in which the product is used,and recommend products that are compatible with the environment,such as UV-resistant PC lampshades,chemical-resistant PC lampshades,super-tolerant and cold-resistant PC lampshades,and so on.Now we know that the PC lampshade may have problems in the design,materials,production and use,and it has also got a solution.This will help us to choose a good LED lampshade and PC lampshade.

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