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The advantage of PC profile in the construction industry

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  With the continuous development of industry,the demand for building materials has exceeded the scope of reinforced concrete.In recent years,the emergence of new building structures has placed higher demands on building materials.In addition to the most basic fire resistance,impact strength and durability,building materials are also moving in new directions.

  First of all,on the basis of ensuring the safety of buildings,people prefer materials with higher plasticity and lighter weight,thus ensuring the designer's styling needs,and reasonably reducing the structural weight and increasing the use space of buildings.Secondly,the innovation of building structure also puts forward new requirements for new materials in many aspects such as heat preservation,weather resistance and light transmission.

  In addition to the high fire resistance,impact resistance and high plasticity that are often mentioned in the construction field,PC profiles also have excellent light transmission and can meet the lighting requirements of different environments.Moreover,its light transmittance has extremely high stability,and it can guarantee that its light transmittance will not fall by more than 6%within the 10-year quality guarantee period.Polycarbonate(PC)has a long-term durability temperature that is much higher than that of polypropylene,PVC,etc.,and maintains its load capacity and stability even when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures for extended periods of time.PC profile has been widely used in many fields,such as transportation,industrial,LED lighting,etc.due to its excellent fire resistance,impact resistance,high plasticity and good transparency.

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